What:  Created by Executive Order of Governor Phil Bryant, GoCoast 2020 will serve as the official advisory body to the Governor for allocation of monies received by the State of Mississippi under the RESTORE Act.  RESTORE is a federal act which directs that 80% of certain penalties assessed as a result of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill be directed to the five Gulf states impacted by the spill.

Composed of more than one hundred business and community leaders, and elected officials from across the Mississippi Gulf Coast, GoCoast will act quickly to chart a 2020 vision for the Gulf Coast and make important recommendations to the Governor for initiatives and projects related to eco-restoration, economic development, small business, seafood, tourism, education, infrastructure, and workforce development.  The group will also rely on input from the entire public to help in the process of integrating existing plans and resources into the effort but will also strive to create a bold, ambitious, and comprehensive picture of a vibrant Gulf Coast of the future.

GoCoast 2020 will engage leaders from the Mississippi Gulf Coast and public input to form the roadmap to assure restoration of the Gulf’s environmental treasures, to fuel important economic and infrastructure advances, and to galvanize long range strategies related to education and research.  Members of the group will distill the thinking and passion of the entire Gulf Coast community into a living and lasting plan to preserve and advance the unique region we call our Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The Deliverable: A professionally-written, easy-to-read GoCoast 2020 Report produced in January, 2013, with recommendations and ideas accessible to policymakers and citizens. Through this public process, the recommendations and ideas contained within the Report should have the endorsement of the Coast community. This report’s audience will be twofold:  1) The Governor and MDEQ regarding State specific money provided for in the RESTORE Act, and 2)  It should be used as foundation for what will become the Mississippi Plan as envisioned by the RESTORE Act to fund as many Mississippi projects as possible.